Strategic Partnerships

VARCIS Holdings

VARCIS Holdings have formed partnerships with companies, governments, leagues, brands, national sporting federations and capital providers to accelerate the growth of sports and human performance technology companies and research institutions globally with Asia as a focus. VARCIS® leverages its resources, networks, and strengths and our partners capabilities to increase the performance and experience for all within our VARCIS® ecosystem.

PMY Varcis Asia

PMY VARCIS ASIA is a joint venture between PMY Group and VARCIS Group that brings together PMY’s expert knowledge in stadium technology, property technology and technology consulting along with VARCIS Group’s expert knowledge in Asian property markets, capital markets and current and future technological opportunities within the VARCIS® ecosystem.

SportsTG Asia

SportsTG Asia is a joint venture that will facilitate the implementation of the world’s most efficient sport management and live sporting results software to the much-under-utilized Asian market. VARCIS Group will use their strategic partnerships / collaborations with government, national sporting federations, leagues and access to Asian capital and financial markets to facilitate SportsTG’s expansion into Asia.

Varcis Hill

VARCIS HILL is a joint venture between VARCIS® and JAZZHILL that will provide the necessary academic and research services and comprehensive intellectual property about ‘what works’ to bring organizational success across business diagnostics, measurement and benchmarking systems including innovation capability effectiveness, strategic business excellence, operations and supply chain excellence and CSR/ESG (Corporate Social Responsibility / Environment, Social and Governance) and value creation services to corporates, large private and government entities in sports and health technology and other industry sectors in the global market.

"VIGEN members and our strategic partners at VARCIS® have made significant impact globally to the Sports and Health tech industry. Their participation and contribution enables VARCIS Holdings to create the next generation of disruptive Sports and Health tech products."

- James Demetriou, Chairman Australian Sports Technologies Network

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