Mark Thompson

Australian Sports
Professionals Association

“I have known Mark for close to 20 years. When asked to write a short statement on when I knew he and SponServe would be a success, to be honest, the SponServe part was relatively insignificant in the context of the question. You see, in knowing Mark for as long as I have, I knew he would be successful, it was just a matter of him leaping to go out on his own, to light the fire. Too many people in the world of sports and startups, they are in it for the optics, the free tickets, to put ‘entrepreneur’ on their LinkedIn profile. This is not Mark. Mark doesn’t care about the title or tags, He is immune to the rubbish. Mark is in the game to make an impact, make a change, and will do so by out hustling, out networking and out grinding whoever or whatever is in his way. My question to Mark now is: what’s next and can I invest?”

- Mat Cole
Partner, ACT Capital Partners

CEO Torque Software. Technology, Start-Ups, Sports & Entertainment and Not-for-Profit. Strategy, Corporate Development, Growth + Mergers and Acquisitions

Mark Thompson has 20+ years of leadership experience in the Sports Commercial sector across Community, NFP and 10+ years of sports/tech startup growth experience. Mark was founder CEO SponServe, an Australian born SaaS platform which serviced 115+ major sports clubs across 7 countries before its successful acquisition by KORE Software in 2018. Mark went on to be a Senior Global Executive of KORE, who provide software solutions to over 700 sports teams and Leagues around the world, completing his role in March 2020.
Mark has now launched his own Sports Tech advisory company in conjunction with his founding staff of SponServe and other senior global sports leaders, helping Start-Up and Scale-Up businesses find success through Go-To-Market planning, Customer Success program structuring and unleashing their vast global network to good new tech.

Professional Accreditation:

Member – Australian Sports Professionals Association
Member – ASTN
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