Michael Lawrey

CEO, Penryhol Consulting

“Michael is the Executive Director of Telstra’s Architecture Online & Media division. He has more than 37 years’ experience in telecommunications across a diverse range of area including network operations, planning, architecture, design and engineering capability. As Telstra’s eminent networks expert, Michael is the ‘go to buy’ when it comes to anything and everything about the networks of today and tomorrow.”

- Telstra Media Group

CEO, Penryhol Consulting
Chair Finance Committee and Director, TM Forum

Michael Lawrey is the CEO of Penryhol Consulting. Michael has worked in the Telecommunications industry for 46 years and prior to his semi retirement, held senior Executive Director roles at Telstra including Executive Managing Director of Network and Technology, Executive Director Operations and Executive Director Defence.
In his role as Executive Managing Director Network and Technology he was responsible for all of Telstra’s architecture, IT and network delivery including Telstra’s online capability, application development, cloud and delivery of multi-media solutions.
Michael has held a range of portfolios in Telstra in areas such as operations, construction, planning, engineering, enterprise customer business unit and service. He has also worked with vendors overseas and has had the opportunity to work on the teams of two service providers in the USA. Michael has held several board positions in Australia and more recently Michael held the position of Chairman of the TeleManagement Forum Board of Directors.
Michael continues to be a Director on the Board of the Forum and acts as an Ambassador for the TeleManagement Forum which promotes collaboration and standards across the industry. Over the last four years Michael has also held roles as the Chairman of Sinefa a small startup company (stepped down from this role in February 2020), Chairman of DGIT Systems (continuing role) and was Executive Chairman of GreyScan Detection until February 2020. Michael has also held other board positions previously including the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Board and the 3GIS Board when working at Telstra.


Diploma of Electronic Engineering Edith Cowan University, WA

Diploma of Industrial Electronics Edith Cowan University, WA

Company Directors Diploma

Mimi MBA Programs at Macquarie University Sydney

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