VARCIS Institute

VARCIS Institute

VARCIS Institute is the market-leading research, intelligence and training engine of the VARCIS® sports and health technology ecosystem, dedicated to producing unmatched insights on the intersection of the business of sports, sports technology and capital markets.

We produce both publicly-available intelligence on the industry as well as customised research, benchmarking and analysis to support due diligence for VARCIS Capital and VARCIS Group.

We also produce bespoke research and intelligence sports and health tech sector reports such as our Annual Sports Tech Report (ASTR) and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) to name a few.

VARCIS Institute also delivers a portfolio of micro credential training modules, programs and masterclasses designed to educate the sports industry across Asia and the sports technology landscape such as sports data analytics and health tech innovation to name a few.

VARCIS® has established the VARCIS INSTITUTE GLOBAL EXPERT NETWORK (VIGEN) comprising of some of the world’s leading sports and health tech academics, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to assist with the creation of the Asian sports and health tech ecosystem.


VARCIS® is Asia's leading resource devoted to the burgeoning intersection of sports and health technology in the Asian century. Each month we will cover the latest sports technology news and interview thought- leaders, entrepreneurs and academia.


Take part in our unique Masterclasses that will teach and share proven methods for planning, developing, implementing and scaling your sports and health innovations in the Asian sports ecosystem.


Providing the world's leading research, strategy and training resources that drives new knowledge in sports and health technology.



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