Our Investments

We Invest in Early-Stage Venture Capital up to $5 million

Varcis Capital aims to be the first partner to the most innovative technology entrepreneurs globally in Sports and Health in Asia.


Investment Criteria

High-quality, core management team
Potential to take a leading position in the market
Sustainable competitive advantage and strong margins
Growing revenues and profitability
Existing operating revenues above $100k

Financial Commitment

Investment Amount

Equity cheque of $500,000 – $5 million (USD)
Enterprise value of $1 million – $20 million
We have 10% – 50% shareholding

Current Investment #1 -- Vumero Sports (Sports Technology + Digital Platforms)

Vumero is a world-leader in the business of Sports Technology, Sports Data and Sports Digital. Vumero specialises in events, education and e-commerce platforms. Vumero owns and delivers the SportsTech World Series conferences and training globally in 8 countries. Vumero works closely with 500+ of the world’s leading startups and fast-growth companies across the business of sports and sports performance. Strong management team, strong footprint in Asia (especially India, China, Australia, Japan), high quality market intelligence and Asia-Pacific distribution to facilitate the wider Varcis Capital network.