About Varcis

Varcis Capital can leverage world-leading technical expertise and distribution across Sports, Technology and Business. We are founded by sports pioneers and investment leaders across Asia.

We are different in 4 ways

Independent Advice + Right Investment

Varcis Capital has world-class industry expertise, capital markets knowledge and distribution channels in SportsTech and HealthTech across Asia. We customise expert solutions for our clients and partners — whether IPO, M&A, capital markets, brand licencing and direct investments. We bring together unrivalled access to China, India, Indonesia, Australia and other Asia markets for Sports and Health. We also invest in early-stage venture capital opportunities up to $2 million in exciting opportunities. Varcis Capital has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Melbourne. We are flexible, open-minded and commercial.

Asia and Global Partnerships

We believe strongly in the story of Asia and sports. With over 4.7 billion people (62% of world’s population), Asia-Pacific is the world’s fastest growth market for Sports, Media, Entertainment, Fitness and Health. We have local offices and local market leaders across all 48 countries to ensure we can achieve rapid, reliable and realistic market penetration. We are the only advisory and investment house focused on the Asia market in the SportsTech and HealthTech sector.

Tier 1 Expert Networks

A competitive advantage of Varcis Capital is our market-leading strategic intelligence and market understanding across the technology landscape of Sports and Health. From sports broadcasting, virtual reality, human performance, artificial intelligence in sports — we work closely with our global expert network to help deeply understand specialist areas of SportsTech and HealthTech on due diligence to ensure our advice and investments are best-in-class. We pride ourselves as experts.

Collaborative Investment Networks

Unlike traditional venture capital, Varcis Capital has a wide-reaching global investment network. Even if opportunities don’t quite fit our Asia-focused investment criteria, we happy refer opportunities to our large venture capital, angel investment network, high net worths (HNW) and institutional partners actively investing in SportsTech and HealthTech. Our belief is that we want to see good people and quality ideas succeed — an open and collaborative ecosystem achieves this in Asia and globally.