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Grabyo teams up with Tennis Australia to expand global content offering ahead of Australian Open

Tennis Australia has partnered with Grabyo to bolster it’s live video and social media presence for this years Australian Open. Read Full Article



Will The Divisional Playoffs Restore Order To The NFL?

With eight teams left, not one has a probability above 22% for winning the Super Bowl, in comparison, the favourite over the past four seasons has sat at over 31% at this stage of the playoffs. Although, matchup history for this week seeks to right the ship and bring clarity back to this years championship race. Read Full Article



Nylon Calculus: What are you talking about coach?

Nylon Calculus has produced a text analysis study on some of the top college basketball coaches, reviewing three press conferences from three NCAA Division I basketball coaches to see what might be able to infer in relation to point differential.  Read Full Article



Intel And Alibaba Bring AI-Powered 3-D Athlete-Tracking Technology To Tokyo Olympics

At CES 2019, Intel and Alibaba announced the new collaboration to develop AI-powered 3D athlete tracking technology that is aimed to be deployed at the Olympic Games 2020. Read Full Article



Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Runs 21 Miles an Hour, But Who Owns That Data?

Every major sports league, recently the NFL, is counting on data to revolutionize how athletes train and recover — and how coaches evaluate and prepare for games. But the analytics boom has also produced some thorny questions about data ownership. Read Full Article



Upcoming Sports Analytics World Series Events for 2019

May – Amsterdam, Netherlands

June – Toronto, Canada

August – Melbourne, Australia

September – Tokyo, Japan

October – Dallas, USA

November – London, UK

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